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Meet our Sidepig, an abstract and iconic pig-shaped side table with a thick body, blunt nose, and no eyes. The unique design of this table looks like something out of a comic strip. Practical and lightweight, you can grab the table by the tail to carry it around easily. The concept behind Sidepig reimagines the pig as a friendly and functional companion that challenges conventional perceptions.

Made from recycled and recyclable polyethylene, the Sidepig is easy to clean and designed for both indoor and outdoor use. The ‘oceanblack’, ‘seagreen’ and ‘navyblue’ colors are made from recycled fishing nets (in collaboration with ‘Waste Free Oceans’) and the ‘sand’ and ‘stone’ colors are made from different shades of recycled post-consumer plastic. It reflects our focus on sustainability and creativity, harmonising art and function.

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