Die EXCALIBUR Klobürste von Philippe Starck ist zurück!

Bestellen Sie Ihr Excalibur jetzt vor und erhalten Sie eine kostenlose Ersatzbürste, Versand August 2024.

heller excalibur toilet brush by philippe starck in 4 new colors


“High design for a humble object,” read the headline in the New York Times Home Section on February 16, 1995. Philippe Starck had partnered with Heller to satisfy a longtime desire and the result was making news. “It’s a product I wanted to do for 20 years,” said Starck. “To design a toilet brush would be the most humble service I could give. I’ve always thought it would be the apotheosis of my career.”

EXCALIBUR - Klobürste


The Swell Wall Catchall is thoughtfully designed to simplify the process of coming and going from your home. Hang your coat and scarf, toss your keys and wallet into the cups … everything you need is conveniently located in one place and beautifully organized.

SWELL - Catchall


Stackable, colorful, and fun – when you look at this sleek stacking dinnerware you can’t help but smile. Loved worldwide, the Max Collection was designed by Lella and Massimo Vignelli.

MAX - Dinnerware